Why Choose Meetinch vs Meeting Decisions?

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First, we’d just like to give a quick appreciation to the team at Decisions. They’ve built a great product to help businesses (and if you’re here because you’re evaluating Meetinch vs. Decisions, or looking for Decisions alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a product that will help you have more productive meetings and change your company’s meeting culture for better).

What’s the difference between Meetinch and Decisions?

Sure, both companies share similar goals of providing the best meeting management software available on the market, but there are features and product mindset that’s different between the two companies.



The team at Decisions initially built software for meeting management, while the Meetinch team has been building software with the main goal of helping organizations to improve meeting culture and save time (time = money) on unproductive meetings.

So, long story short: if you want to free up your calendar to have some extra time from everyday rush or you want your company to have better-suited meeting culture – then you’re in the right place. We’ve created Meetinch with your needs in mind. 

Need some facts? We totally get it – the rest of this page is for you. We’ve collected a handful of clear answers that should help you.

The TOP Reasons Why Companies Use Meetinch vs Decisions

MeetinchMeeting Decisions
Ease of UseEasyModerate
After Meeting KPIsYesNo
Recurring Meeting SupportYesNo
Microsoft 365 SupportYesYes
Google G Suite SupportComing soonNo
Free for Small TeamsYesNo
Price Monthly Per User4.00€Should ask for invoice


Ease of Use

Did you know that you can set up and create your first meeting on Meetinch just in a few seconds? Our customers have told us that their experience with Decisions wasn’t that straight forward and this is one of the reasons why they chose Meetinch. Nobody wants to spend time on setting up a new solution, asking IT admins for necessary company-wide permissions, just to try it out. Meetinch team has worked hard on making a user-friendly and intuitive product, so every customer is able to get the necessary overview and understand the value as quickly as possible.


KPI Driven Meeting Culture Improvements

Remember the main goal of Meetinch? Meetinch is here to help you to improve meeting culture, not just manage the meetings. You can improve meeting culture by tracking main KPIs that allow you to make data-driven learnings that you can apply to your future meetings. For example, if your recurring meeting regularly exceeds allocated time for some agenda item, you should oversee your future meeting’s agenda and adjust agenda item priorities and allocated time. Every past meeting can help you to learn and improve your future meetings – just pay attention to meeting KPIs.

Learn more about meeting’s KPIs.


Recurring Meeting Support

Everybody has recurring meetings on their calendars and it would be a shame if your meeting management application wouldn’t allow you to manage them effectively. Many customers shared this pain with us and we found a solution – Meetinch is the first meeting management app that allows organizing and managing recurring meetings! Creating agendas and virtual workspaces for every series event can be done in a matter of seconds. Track your previous meeting results with Historical To-Dos and align agendas for future events, make the most of your recurring meetings.

Learn more about recurring meetings on Meetinch.


Collaborate Between Multiple Services

We know that users shouldn’t be limited to Microsoft 365 services. What if you want to schedule a meeting and your partners are using Google G Suit? A little sneak peek into our roadmap – soon everyone will be able to create and participate in meetings on Meetinch. You’ll just need to schedule a meeting being sure that every invitee is able to access and collaborate on Meetinch. 


Transparent Pricing Plans and Free Forever for Small Teams

We at Meetinch encourage transparency, so clearly communicated and understandable pricing policy is one of our priorities. If you want to try out Meetinch or use it for small teams (up to 10 people), you’ll get the full functionality for free. If you really like Meetinch and you’re willing to use it for a larger organization, it will cost just 4.00€ (approximately 4.70$) per user per month. Simple and clear – isn’t it? Decisions, on the other hand, haven’t provided any pricing information and you’ll need to spend your time and ask for a quote and we are sure that won’t be as eye-catching as Meetinch offer.

Learn more about Meetinch pricing.  

Whether you’re a customer or someone just stopping by to learn more about Meeting Decisions alternatives, we couldn’t have created this category without you. Interested in learning more? See how Meetinch would fit into your organization.

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