Making work more
effective with Meetinch

Boost your individual productivity at work and help your team to rock the meetings!

For Remote Work

Remote meetings could be a headache if you don’t have a shared meeting workspace for all the team.

Meetinch gets everyone together, allowing the team to collaborate, follow previously created meeting agenda, generate tasks and write down made decisions. All your meeting minutes are stored in one place – share and access them anytime. No more such a thing as “Wait, everyone, I can’t find my notes…”

For Team Leaders & Managers

As a leader, one needs to show a bunch of skills – the ability to plan, organize, delegate, motivate, communicate… This is a never-ending list!

Meetings are crucial – the team leader must start with a bold and clear agenda, including achievable objective, discussable agenda items and division of responsibilities. The way how you handle a business meeting and make attendees feel about it says a lot about your personality and leadership skills. Meetinch is there for you – helping to structure the conversation, make it more effective and strengthen your soft skills.

For Sales & Customer Relationship Management

The central task for every salesperson is to maintain trustful relationships with customers and clients.

In the meeting-driven world, it’s crucial to keep a sharp mind, properly organized meeting calendar and ensure that no time gets wasted. Before getting in a meeting with your client, do your homework – prepare a super-structured agenda, including all the questions you should find answers to, during the meeting use Meetinch workspace to write down tasks, notes, reminders, and add some deadlines. And right after the meeting ends, send out an automatically generated summary email. Make it personal and fast, and forget about precious time loss, while composing follow-up emails.

For Agencies

A successful meeting is determinative if talking about idea pitch or making client to fall in love with your work.

There are a lot of involved sides, during the project/event planning. Having them on the same page at every single point of the process might be a hard thing to do. But here comes the Meetinch magic! Schedule meetings with external users, collaborate in Meetinch workspace, keep meeting minutes centrally and send out summaries. That’s how things get done!

For HR

What about meeting culture within your organization?

Evaluate the team’s performance and progress, attendance rate and spent time on side conversations. Analyze the workload of your employees, review to-do’s and track completed tasks. With Meetinch you can add a data-driven answer to the question we asked you. Just start doing it.

How can Meetinch help within your company?

Tell us about your team’s habits and challenges during daily meeting life.