Remote meetings your team will appreciate

Meetinch is a powerful remote meeting tool that will increase the efficiency of any meeting, improve remote work processes and create a shared workspace for attendees to collaborate during the meeting.

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Boost your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype or any other online meeting!

While virtual meetings have become the new black, there’s always a need for upgrades.
Regardless of a video conferencing platform you’re using, Meetinch will become your favorite tool for making every meeting productive.

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No need to install any extra app or create a profile to start!

No need to install any extra app or create a profile to start!
We understand everyone’s need for user-friendly and easily accessible solutions. That’s why Meetinch is as great as it is. Just sign-in on Meetinch Web App and get started to accelerate your Meetings.

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Get your team together during remote work!

Work from home brings a lot of benefits (yeah, our team enjoys cozy slippers and a purring cat next to the laptop as well) …and challenges at the same time. Meetinch workspace is a place (an app in your browser) where all the magic happens – your attendees have a shared platform to manage meeting minutes, assign to-dos for a specific person, write down decisions, track time and send out an automatically generated summary.

Brilliant features to upgrade your remote meetings

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Collaborate with team

One shared workspace that allows everyone to add notes and tasks during the meeting and even come up with a meeting plan before the meeting

Meetinch Recuring Meetings

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly


Create agenda

Start with a clear meeting request, including the objective, discussable topics, responsible persons and proposed length of each agenda item

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Integrate with Microsoft 365 services

Efficiently define, manage, and follow-up your meetings. Using Microsoft Outlook or To-Do app? Great, your Meetinch experience will be very smooth

Integrate with Google Workspace (previously G Suite) services

Experience all the Meetinch features for your Google Calendar meetings. Meetinch Web App will help you to manage all your meetings centrally.

Challenge Us!

Tell us about the challenges you experience during meetings and we’ll show you how to overcome every one of them with Meetinch!

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You're safe with us!

Meetinch was born and raised by dots. – a technology company with a 20-year experience, proud Microsoft Gold partner, that combines innovative, dedicated and certified IT professionals with in-depth expertise and extensive know-how in various fields, like Cloud and Machine Learning, Software Development, IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity solutions.