Bring Recurring Meetings To the Next Level In Just 2 Steps

In this guide you’ll learn 2 crucial (and most adored by users) benefits Meetinch brings to every single one of recurring meetings.

The best thing – you can try them by yourself in your next recurring meeting.

What are recurring meetings?

Meetings that are automatically scheduled to repeat with a certain frequency are called recurring meetings. For example, daily standups, regular 1:1 meetings, weekly progress updates, monthly general meetings, and so on.

Anyway, you should be very careful with recurring meetings. Why?


On one hand, recurring meetings can be a powerful tool for teams to check-up and maintain accountability. On the other, if the focus, purpose, or performance becomes blurry, a recurring meeting is nothing more like a calendar clogger and time thief if nothing gets changed.

#1 Recurring meetings and Historical To-Dos

Reviewing historical to-dos and their completion progress is the most essential thing to do at the start of a recurring meeting.

Meetinch collaborative workspace for recurring meetings holds a section called historical to-dos. Here’s what it covers:

  • Uncompleted tasks from all meetings in this series
  • Tasks completed since the previous meeting from series
meetinch platform screenshot
Meetinch collaborative meeting workspace for recurring meeting

#2 Adjust meeting agendas

When projects and priorities are changing it’s important to stay flexible yet still effective during recurring meetings, and the meeting agenda must be adjustable as well.

With Meetinch it’s simple as possible:

  • Use arrows to switch between meetings in specific series to review meeting minutes from previous meetings
  • Edit future meeting agendas (single or all occurrence)


Probably these features may sound simple, but they are really powerful when practiced.

Using Meetinch to manage recurring meetings is a handy advantage for the meeting organizer, keeping all the tasks and plans in control, and the attendees – accountable.

Of course, the team benefits from Meetinch as well – the ability to collaboratively create meeting minutes, mark notes (both shared and private) at one place, and centrally access to protocols from any meeting is a huge advantage that comes together with meeting culture digitalization by Meetinch.

Sign in Meetinch web app and try it yourself.


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