Gamechanger – Historical To-Dos for Recurring Meetings

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I hope you’ve read our previous article on how to master recurring meetings on Meetinch. If not, you’ll be motivated to do it after reading this article, I promise.

Have you ever felt increasing chaos and anxiety after another recurring meeting? The more information and action items previous meetings holds, the more difficult for you and other meeting participants is to see the whole picture and act accordingly. What is the most important information to overlook before or during a recurring meeting? Historical To-Dos!

Actually, it’s as simple as it sounds! Historical To-Dos allow recurring meeting participants to oversee and act on the most important To-Dos from previous meetings. Historical To-Dos includes:

  • All uncompleted To-Dos from previous meetings in series.
  • All To-Dos completed since the previous meeting in series.

Don’t forget about the To-Dos older than the previous meeting. We tend to remember and prioritize newer To-Dos, but does it actually mean that Historical To-Dos are less important? Usually not, in most cases older To-Dos are even more important and you should be able to easily oversee and act on it. Meetinch solves this challenge perfectly!


#1 Sign In your Meetinch platform

Log into the Meetinch App with your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account and let Meetinch sync your calendar meetings.

If this is the first time, you can open any existing recurring meeting via Meetinch calendar and create the meeting agenda for it.

It’s already a step to success! 🎉


Let’s see an example with one of my recurring meetings.

#2 Create some To-Dos

I’ve created a recurring meeting on Meetinch. Bill and I will have a nice weekly chat regarding product progress and plans. As always, our meetings are very dynamic and usually holds multiple action items.

Recurring meeting on Meetinch

Let’s start the first meeting in this series and add some To-Dos.

Meetinch agenda item with action items

As you can see, now this meeting holds 3 To-Dos, which we should review during the next meeting.

#3 Review previous meetings To-Dos

What is one thing you want to get through at the beginning of every recurring meeting? Right, review previous meetings To-Do progress. With Historical To-Dos you can do it right away, just open the next series meeting on Meetinch and this is where the magic happens.

Meetinch Historical To-Dos

As you can see, this meeting has a Historical To-Dos section that holds all To-Dos from the previous meeting, so you can do a quick progress review on uncompleted To-Dos or even talk about results on completed To-Dos.

#3 Create some more To-Dos

But what happens when we add new To-Dos for the current meeting and how does it affect Historical To-Dos for the next meeting?

Meetinch agenda item with To-Dos

Let’s do a quick experiment and add two new To-Dos as you can see in the image above.

#4 Review Historical To-Dos

Meetinch consolidates all important To-Dos from the previous meetings.

Meetinch Historical To-Dos from multiple meetings

As you can see now, the next series meeting holds To-Dos from both previous meetings. The only difference – you don’t see To-Dos completed from the first meeting anymore, because what’s the point, you’ve  already discussed these tasks in the previous meeting.


One more important thing to know, now the Historical To-Dos holds one completed To-Do from the first meeting. Why is that? That’s because this To-Do was completed after the second meeting and since it’s very important to be able to track the progress between the meetings, Meetinch automatically shows you what’s important.


TL;DR: Meetinch Historical To-Dos feature automatically gathers important To-Dos from previous recurring meetings, so meeting participants can act only on stuff that matters. No more manual meeting task management and progress tracking on Microsoft Planner, Trello, or Asana – Meetinch intelligence will do that for you!

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