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Meetinch itself is not a video call tool – the application provides space for meeting agendas, notes, writing tasks, and decisions. Using Meetinch will allow your team to connect with structure and work out agendas step by step.

First – research and international team experience show that sending “empty” meeting invites is one of the main leads to less productive meetings.

Second – the Outlook plugin provides a natural way of planning agendas – it enables you to have a full plan with just a few steps. Add agendas, short descriptions or links, add a responsible person, and most important – plan time. Meetinch plugin makes it easy and intuitive. Your colleagues will appreciate the extra steps you take and will join prepared for your meetings!

Yes! With the Meetinch calendar, you’ll see that tracing your To-Dos and decisions is the most convenient way.
You can also export your To-Dos to such tools as MS To Do.

Another great thing is that after every meeting you’ll receive a summary – also there you can track your tasks and compare progress.

No, the to-do export feature only allows you to export your Meetinch to-dos to Outlook Tasks or Microsoft To-Do. We hope to provide a synchronization feature in the near future.

Yes, you can organize cross-platform meetings!

Just add your required meeting attendees without a worry about what service are they using. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (previously G Suite) users will be able to access your meeting on Meetinch.

No, the Meetinch Outlook plugin, which you can download from Microsoft AppSource, is necessary only for meeting organizers, so they can structure and add agenda to their meetings.
Meeting participants will receive an invitation with the Meetinch link added, so they can open and collaborate in meeting on the Meetinch web app. No downloads necessary, just open the link and you’re in!

Meetinch can help you track tasks that you create during meetings – you’ll see them in the Meetinch app, but you’ll be able to export them to MS To Do or other task management apps. It is a contribution to your task manager as you have a space to share tasks and decisions with teammates during meetings here.

Meetinch is helping teams to become more productive during those weekly and daily meetings, which sometimes end with colleagues feeling as if nothing is moving forward.
There might be some gatherings of team members where you don’t need a structure for talking out things. 🙂

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