Reach project goals faster by improving team meetings

Collaborate during team meetings with Meetinch: plan meeting agenda together, use shared workspace for notes, and manage task progress effortlessly.

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Successful team meeting starts with planning: create meeting agenda and plan the agenda items together with your team via Meetinch.

Everyone on the same page - that's what you need to achieve.

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What project management and recurring meetings have in common?

The necessity to track progress and know what's happening during every step.

Historical To-Dos in Meetinch is a gamechanger for task management during meetings.

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Literally - on the same page

Shared meeting workspace.

Collaborate with the team, write meeting notes, generate tasks and manage meeting workflow efficiently.

Upgrade your project team meetings

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Historical To-Dos​

Track uncompleted to-dos from previous meetings and completed to-dos since the previous meeting, so no task gets forgot in a meeting series.

Collaborative workspace

Collaborative meeting workspace for attendees to generate To-Dos, mark important decisions, write personal notes, and create meeting minutes collaboratively.

Plan meetings together

Create meeting agenda collaboratively - allow your team to edit the plan and make meeting more effective.

Vote for decisions​

Improve team engagement by voting for decisions and proposals with a single click in the collaborative meeting workspace.

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Meeting agenda templates

Use meeting agenda templates for daily standups, weekly updates or 1:1 meetings with your teammates.

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You're safe with us!

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