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Combine your professional know-how, leadership skills and result-oriented meetings via Meetinch to create a fruitful environment for your team to work and projects to grow!

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Follow along the progress during meetings

There’s one crucial aspect of project management and recurring meetings – progress tracking.

Historical To-Dos in Meetinch is a gamechanger for every team!
At the beginning of every meeting, attendees can oversee all tasks that are yet to be completed from previous meetings along with those that are already finished since the previous meeting.

Now it’s easy to switch between meeting series, adjust future agendas and analyze previous ones.

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Come up with an explicit objective and agenda before the meeting

Start your meeting bold – build an agenda, assign responsible attendees to the relevant agenda items, set boundaries for topics, discussions and decision making before the meetings.

Allow your team to create meeting plan together, add and edit topics, structure the meeting plan.

Make your meeting request clear and structured!

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Everyone on the same page

During the meeting, generate tasks (with deadlines and responsible person), write down decisions and ideas, vote for proposals, track spent and remaining time, export your individual to-dos.

Meetinch workspace – that’s where the collaboration, planning, note taking and workflow provision happens.

Favorite features for project management meetings

Meetinch Recuring Meetings

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly, review Historical to-do's and progress

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Integrate with Microsoft 365 services

Efficiently define, manage, and follow-up your meetings. Using Microsoft Outlook or To-Do app? Great, your Meetinch experience will be very smooth

Avoid off-topics

The off-topic button helps to catch out side conversations and keep the progress on track with a polite and smile-making surprise

Meeting workspace

Meetinch app compiles all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, including tasks and made decisions

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