Features for productive meetings

Use meeting collaboration app Meetinch to ensure efficient meeting management cycle before, during, and after your team meeting.

Before the meeting

Meeting agenda

Fill in meeting objective, determine agenda items, assign responsible persons and set timeframes.

Collaborate on meeting agenda

Allow meeting attendees to edit and add new agenda items.

Integrate with Microsoft 365

Use Outlook plugin to create meeting agenda in-app without leaving the calendar view.

Integrate with Google Workspace

Meetinch Web App will manage all your meetings from Google calendar centrally.

Manage external meetings

Add attendees from outside your organization - there's no need for them to be Meetinch users as well.

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through meeting notes, track task execution, and adjust future meeting agendas if needed.

Meetinch Web App

Meetinch app combines all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, along with tasks and made decisions.

Meeting agenda templates

Use our meeting agenda templates or create your own, so you never have to write the same meeting plan again.

During the meeting

Collaborate with the team

Shared meeting workspace allows attendees to edit meeting notes and add tasks in real-time.

Historical to-dos

Track uncompleted and completed to-dos from previous meetings, so that no task gets forgot in a meeting series.

Private meeting notes

Mark thoughts, ideas, and comments as your private notes.

Generate to-dos

Create to-dos during the meeting, add responsible person and deadline, if necessary.

Task management

To-Do section in Meetinch Web App combines all the tasks that are assigned to user during the meeting.

Track time

The total meeting time and each agenda item duration help to keep the discussion info frames.

Vote for decisions

Vote for proposals or decisions mde during the meeting.

Avoid off-topics

Catch out side conversations and keep the meeting on track with a polite and witty Meetinch meme.

After the meeting

Share follow-ups

With a sigle click share meeting summary from Meetinch Web App to email.

Export meeting notes

Export your meeting minutes in .docx format to share it with others or add additional information.

meetinch to-do export icon

Export to-dos

Assigned persons to tasks can export their to-dos right after the meeting.

meetinch time management icon

Manage meeting minutes

Centrally stored meeting notes allow to find information or tasks in a few seconds.

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