As you might know, one of our main goals for meeting management app Meetinch is to help individuals and organizations save time in meeting busyness.

Our blog posts aren’t an exception – we try to compile all the necessary information in short as possible articles.

I think the phrase “Private Meeting Notes” says it all! 

From now on Meetinch users can add private notes to every agenda item before, during, and after the meeting.

It can be very handy if you want to prepare for meetings better, adding some interesting insights to talk about, and of course tracking any valuable information during the meeting that should be for your eyes only (as word “privates” states, these notes are only for you). 

Sharing your screen but don’t want other meeting attendees to see your notes? No problem, collapse the tab!

Meetinch private meeting notes
Meetinch private meeting notes

Manage your meetings on Meetinch and have a great note-taking experience!

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