Manage your meetings with clients and partners

Organize meetings faster and smarter, let them make an outstanding professional impression and result in long-term relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, or stakeholders!

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Manage meetings with external participants

Meetinch allows you to create a structured agenda without leaving your email application and send out meeting request within.

As a result, meeting’s attendees will receive an invitation with the the agenda and a link to access the meeting workspace.
No downloads necessary, just open the link and you’re in!

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Cooperate with clients during the meeting

Interact with your partners via Meetinch and if you have some new ideas, write them into the decisions section.

Got new tasks for the next month? Record them as To-Do, add person who’s responsible for accomplishment and set a deadline.
Forget about drifting through chaotic individual notes, spreadsheets and Google Docs…

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Stop wasting time on follow-up emails!

How long does it take to write an email with all those details you just discussed during the meeting?
How often have you forgot to send such email?

With Meetinch you can send out an immediate meeting summary to every attendee right after pressing the “end meeting” button.
Create structured plan, take notes and assign to-dos in the midst of meeting.

However, you can export that summary and add it to your brief “Thanks for today’s meeting!” message.
That’s it. No more follow-up emails!

Excellent features to boost your customer relationships

Track time

Total time of the meeting and each agenda item helps to keep your discussion info frames

Meetinch Meeting Minutes

Manage meeting minutes

Storing meeting minutes centrally and automatically send out a follow-up email helps to collaborate with your team and track progress more effectively

Meetinch Recuring Meetings

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly


Create agenda

Start with a clear meeting request, including the objective, discussable topics, responsible persons and proposed length of each agenda item

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