Meeting management simplified

Accelerate your daily meetings with a clear structure and plan, collaborative workspace, and action item tracking with meeting management app Meetinch.

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What's in it for you?

Streamlined meeting management

The full meeting process cycle for your needs: plan agenda, run the meeting, review & follow-up within one tool!

Complete traceability

Task completion progress, made decisions, and responsibilities are easily available and effortlessly trackable.

Increased team engagement

Collaborative meeting workspace brings attendees on the same page (literally) and ensures team alignment.

Automated routine steps

Forget about rewriting follow-ups, notebooks, and misunderstandings - meeting digitalization is there for you!

Make every meeting more effective, productive, meaningful with Meetinch

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We care about your meetings

Meetinch is an irreplaceable tool for meeting planning and management. For sure, it helps to manage the time planned for meetings more efficiently, and, as we know, time is money. 🙂 I truly recommend Meetinch to everyone who spends a great amount of time in meetings.

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