“Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, ignore… How to track meeting attendance effortlessly?

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Have you ever experienced a poorly attended meeting? 

When most of the meeting attendees have responded to your meeting invitation with “tentative”, “maybe” or didn’t react at all, and by the start of the meeting you’re still not sure if it’s not going to be pointless.

As we all know, manual meeting attendance tracking means extra clicks, extra time, extra messages, extra effort…

This is a problem.
Rather, this was a problem.

Brand-new meeting productivity tool

We’re truly proud to announce the newest of our meeting productivity tools – Meetinch Attend.
It t
ackles the meeting attendance problem, providing a solution that none of the other digital tools in the world does. 

Sounds intriguing?
It is. Let’s dive deeper.

Automatic meeting attendance tracker

An automatic RSVP tracking tool Meetinch Attend is like a personal digital assistant that traces potential meeting attendance by analyzing the responses of meeting attendees. 

So what?” you might think. 

Well, you should know that one of the pillars of a successful meeting is the right (amount of) people around the table. Even more, 65% of managers say that meetings keep them from focusing and completing their own work.
So, you better make sure that the meeting is going to be efficient, otherwise, it could be a total waste of time.

Moreover, if you see that key persons are not able to participate, you should be able easily reschedule the meeting and avoid this time consumer with just 30% of your team present.

How does Meetinch Attend work?

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Schedule the meeting

Send a meeting request to your teammates as you usually do.

We suggest using the meeting collaboration app Meetinch to provide a comprehensive meeting agenda and the ability for your team to collaborate in a shared meeting workspace.

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Receive an automatic RSVP summary

At a certain time (that’s set by you) before your team meeting starts you’ll receive an RSVP status summary (code red, yellow or green – I’ll explain details further) in your email:

  • who has accepted the invite,
  • who declined,
  • and who’s tentative or still hasn’t responded.
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Send out the reminder automatically

In case of tentative or non-responded meeting attendees, you can send a friendly reminder that you’re still waiting for their answers.

The best part – no extra steps or emails from you: just click the “SEND REMINDER” button, and it’s done.

Personal attendance tracking assistant – that’s what it means.

You can get your personal meeting attendance tracker Attend for free: add the plugin to your calendar and let it do the job for you.

Here’s how those RSVP summaries look in your email.

Let’s say Phoebe was sending an invite with a meeting agenda to Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Ross, and Monika (yeah, I’m pretty sure they sound familiar to you). 

2 hours before the meeting Phoebe receives the “yellow email” from Meetinch Attend to pay attention because there’s no certain response from Rachel, Joey, and Ross.  

With one click Phoebe sends a reminder to these uncertain teammates just to know what to expect from the team meeting in case they have forgotten about the request or have changed their minds. 

Here’s what Rachel, Joey, Ross will receive in their emails.

Let’s look at another situation. 

Joey, Rachel, and Ross are still uncertain about this meeting, but Monika has declined her attendance.  

In this case, Phoebe receives the “red email”. It’s the warning about potentially inefficient meeting because of declined and tentative attendees. 

What can Phoebe do? 

  1. She can reschedule the meeting as Monika’s presence is really important. 
  2. Phoebe still can send reminders to the rest of the team. 
  3. Or Phoebe can enjoy a 1:1 meeting with Chandler. It could be quite fun, as we would guess. 


After all, it’s a free choice. 

In the long run – Phoebe is truly happy about the streamlined meeting scheduling process that’s caused by Meetinch Attend. Or in other words – her digital RSVP tracking assistant. 


Are you ready to get one for you?
It’s free to start. 
Learn more about Attend. 

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