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Oh, these wonderful meetings without a meeting plan (yes, that’s sarcasm). When you’re a meeting organizer, it’s in your hands to come up with the meeting plan, clearly defining objective and agenda. But what to do when you receive a meeting request from somebody who doesn’t hesitate to keep their meetings as a blank page?

Maybe it’s your job to come up with a meeting plan on behalf of the meeting organizer. Or you’re just a productivity freak (good for you and your colleagues) who wants to give even a little structure for this meeting – planning the agenda for your part of the meeting could make you shine and track results during the meeting. We have splendid news for you – now you can create a meeting plan directly on the Meetinch web app.

How does it work? Basically, you can add a meeting plan for every grey meeting on your Meetinch calendar. Just click on the meeting and choose the option “Create”, that’s it – the next steps will be similar to creating a meeting on the Meetinch plugin (available for Outlook). Yes, on the web app you can plan recurring meetings as well!

create meeting plan on the Meetinch web app
Create meeting plan on the Meetinch web app

And there’s even better news – now meeting participants can collaborate on meeting plan. See how meeting organizers can allow or restrict meeting participants to collaborate and how this can be your next productivity hack for efficient meetings.

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