Save Your Time with Meetinch Agenda Templates


Every meeting organizer knows the struggle when you need to organize irregular meeting, that can’t be recurring, with a predefined plan similar to the previous meetings. Writing agenda from the ground up every time is a total waste of time. Searching for previous meetings in your busy calendar so you can copy the agenda can be time-consuming as well. Keeping your agenda template library in separate document files – you know where it’s going… Meetinch has a better solution for this problem – meeting agenda templates!

It only takes 3 clicks to save your meeting agenda template on Meetinch. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? When you want to save your private meeting agenda template, do this:

  1. Click on the dotted button on the Meetinch plugin, right from the “Create meeting” button;
  2. Select the option “Save as template”;
  3. Name your template and click “Save”.

And it’s done! Now it will be available on your private Meetinch meeting agenda template gallery. That’s it, three clicks as promised!

save meeting agenda template
Save meeting agenda template on Meetinch

Next time when you are creating a meeting agenda on the Meetinch plugin, you can use your previously saved agenda templates, that can be found on the Meetinch plugin’s template section.

load meeting agenda template
Load meeting agenda template on Meetinch

Private meeting agenda templates allow you to save your valuable time and come up with a structured meeting plan, that your meeting participants will appreciate, in a few seconds.

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