Master Recurring Meetings with Meetinch

Oh, recurring meetings – so powerful if done right, a total waste of time if you lose your focus. We all know daily standups, weekly progress updates, or monthly general meetings and it would be very surprising if your calendar doesn’t hold a single recurring meeting series. But how to manage recurring meetings more efficiently so your meeting participants don’t get bored and have full attention during the meeting? There should be a better way, right? There is now and this is where Meetinch comes very handy.

Priorities and projects can quickly change, so a recurring meeting that was once useful may no longer be needed. Even if one of the recurring meeting main advantages is the ability to plan occurrence and agenda (you can save meeting agenda templates on Meetinch) for the time ahead, you should be careful that your meeting doesn’t lose a purpose and isn’t only an unnecessary routine. To keep your recurring meetings sharp, you should be able to track previous results and adapt future meeting agendas accordingly and guess what – Meetinch is the right tool for the job!

How to track previous meeting results?

Easy – you can do it with a single click on Meetinch!

Just use the left arrow button ..

meetinch recurring meeting workspace

.. and voila ..

.. you can see your previous meeting results and progress.

Is it easy to align the agenda for further meetings?

Yup, it’s a piece of cake!

Just find recurring meeting instance on your Outlook calendar and click edit this meeting. Open your Meetinch plugin, make changes on agenda, and that’s it. Now your next meeting agenda is aligned to the actual objectives, but you can still find this meeting instance in your meeting series. And it gets better! You can also update the agenda for all upcoming instances in your meeting series. Just choose an option to edit the entire series on Outlook.

Do you know about the other amazing Meetinch features? If you need a refresher, just take a look at our article “Manage Meetings Successfully With Meetinch”. And yeah – all these amazing features are applicable to recurring meetings as well!

Stay tuned – recurring meetings are about to become even more cooler!

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