Data Security

Your data is safe with us.

Data location

Meetinch was born in the cloud. All data is stored in highly secure Microsoft Azure datacenters, pinned to the EU locations.


All Meetinch data is encrypted both in transit (using TLS 1.2+) and rest when stored in databases. In addition to the physical layer of protection provided by Microsoft Azure platform, access to Meetinch production environments is fully logged, audited and restricted to a limited number of technical personnel during an incident investigation or limited set of maintenance works. Meetinch development is performed in entirely separate environments without use or access to customer data.


Meetinch is a cloud-native citizen. Using capabilities provided by Microsoft Azure distributed platform, our monthly uptime percentage target is 99.5%, 5sec RPO, and 30 sec RTO targets for data recovery.


Meetinch’s Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Single Sign-on (SSO) allows you to authenticate users in your systems without requiring them to enter additional login credentials, it also reduces the risk associated with additional passwords to access Meetinch. We recommend that you enforce Multi-Factor Authentication through Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to increase the security of your credentials and in turn the security of the data you store in Meetinch.