Collaborate on Meeting Plan

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We all know that two (or even more) heads are better than one and it’s a well-known true if we’re talking about meeting management. Imagine how efficient would be your meetings if every meeting participant would be able to give their input on the meeting plan. You know where it’s going, right? Say hello to Meetinch newest feature – collaboration on meeting plan! 

As with every Meetinch feature, this is intuitive and user friendly as well. Meeting organizers can change meeting collaboration setting on the Meetinch plugin and web app. When the meeting collaboration mode is on, every attendee can make changes to the meeting plan by clicking “Edit” on the meeting or calendar view.

collaboration setting on Meetinch plugin
Collaboration setting on the Meetinch plugin
collaboration setting on Meetinch web app
Collaboration setting on the Meetinch web app

Collaboration on meeting plan can help to reduce the time necessary for meeting planning and information gathering activities. Who can make a better agenda plan than the responsible person for this agenda? Allow meeting participants to collaborate and you’ll be amazed how well planned your meetings are going to be, saving some important time for yourself.

Have you ever received a meeting request without a clearly defined plan? Meetinch can help you to overcome this obstacle!

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