Improve employee performance by upgrading your business meetings!

Build a meeting culture within your organization to increase employee engagement, task execution, and goal achievement with Meetinch.

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Imagine 8 extra minutes for each of your employees.
What could they do?

A phone call with clients..
Prioritize a to-do list.
Answers to 2 postponed emails.
Fix the bug in production.
Review the presentation slides.

What else?

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Why 8 minutes?

Improved meeting culture leads to shorter meetings, more focused meeting attendees and faster decision making.

By using Meetinch within our team, we've decreased the average length of the meeting for 8 minutes.

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So what?

Every 8 minutes of unproductive meetings are meaningful costs for the company.

For attendee, 8 minutes of worthless meeting takes away the chance of personal focus time to do the job they're supposed to do.

How much for unproductive business meetings?

Upgrade your business meetings

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Meeting agenda

Create agenda by yourself or collaboratively with the team.
Build a strong structure: set meeting objective, agenda items and divide responsibilities.

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Recurring meeting management

Easily navigate through historical meeting notes, adjust future agendas, and control progress of the task execution.

Collaborative workspace

Collaborative meeting workspace for attendees to generate To-Dos, mark important decisions, write personal notes, and create meeting minutes collaboratively.

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Centralized access & progress review

Centrally stored meeting summaries and transparent task management will increase accountability within the team.

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You're safe with us!

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