Accelerate your business efficiency by improving your meetings!

Meetinch will change the way business meetings are held in your organization and you’ll get higher performance results, reduced operating costs and improved meting culture within the team.

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Imagine 8 extra minutes for each of your employees.
What could they do?

A phone call with clients..
Prioritize a to-do list.
Answers to 2 postponed emails.
Fix the bug in production.
Review the presentation slides.

What else?

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Why 8 minutes?

Improved meeting culture leads to a change in everyone’s meeting habits.
Experience of using Meetinch for meeting management has proven that the average length of the meeting has decreased for 8 minutes.

As a result you will get more focused attendees, faster decision making and much more completed tasks.

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So what?

Every 8 minutes of unproductive meetings mean worthless costs for the company.
For example, if you have 8 minutes shorter meeting with 10 members, it’s already extra 80 minutes for the team’s performance.
And most importantly – your money gets saved!

For our 20-employee team, it's 77+ thousand euros per year.
Impressive, isn't it?

Calculate how much money Meetinch can save for your company, using Meetings ROI Calculator.

Effective features to upgrade your business meetings

Meetinch External Meetings

Manage external meetings

Use Meetinch in your external meetings and add meeting participants outside your organization, so you can work collaboratively, centrally share your meeting minutes and track progress

Meetinch Recuring Meetings

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly


Create agenda

Start with a clear meeting request, including the objective, discussable topics, responsible persons and proposed length of each agenda item

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Integrate with Microsoft 365 services

Efficiently define, manage, and follow-up your meetings. Using Microsoft Outlook or To-Do app? Great, your Meetinch experience will be very smooth

Challenge Us!

Tell us about the challenges you experience during meetings and we’ll show you how to overcome every one of them with Meetinch!

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Are you in?

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You're safe with us!

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