Manage Meetings Successfully: Greatest Features of Meetinch

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Once you’ve installed Meetinch plugin for your calendar, there’s a wide world of features you should try and implement in your every-day-is-a-meeting-day life to make every meeting successful.

If properly used, those elements can change your daily habits, save plenty of time and make every meeting meaningful. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through the main Meetinch features and show how simple they work!

1. Meeting Workspace - It's Where You'll Find The Best Features

Open meeting agenda via meeting request or Meetinch Web App. You can use Meetinch calendar view in the Web App to see your daily/ weekly/ monthly schedule (also those meetings that are not created by Meetinch) and access all meeting minutes and private notes from your previous meetings.

2. Review Meeting Attendees

Confirm the attendance by approving or rejecting the teammate’s presence.​ If Mr. X isn’t participating in weekly status updates, maybe next time you shouldn’t send the meeting request and book a time slot in his calendar.

3. Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

If you’re having a remote meeting, join an online call using Microsoft Teams with just one click. In distant conferences, it’s crucial to have a joint platform, where to  create meeting minutes and assign tasks. Meetinch works perfectly for such a matter – meeting protocoling has never been more pleasant!

4. Start the Meeting

Start to run your meeting by pressing the button in the right corner. It will start a count-down timer not only for all meetings but also for the first agenda item. The time has come – now you can literally evaluate your time planning skills. 🙂

5. Meeting's Action Items

Creating action items during the meeting is one of the most important features. 

You can easily assign to-do’s to the responsible person and add a deadline for the exact task. Write down decisions made, so that each attendee gets the right idea and clear information. Everyone’s on the same page – that’s the main goal for every meeting, isn’t it?

6. "Vote" Features

Voting for decisions via Meetinch is an incredibly easy yet effective feature – just write down the options in the “Decisions” section and let your attendees vote with thumbs up/down. No more long discussions and counting raised hands.

7. Catch Out Off Topic Conversations

The Off-Topic button is a special feature that has 3 main benefits – to avoid deviation from agenda items, to track time spent in useless chats, and to bring some joy even in the darkest conference rooms.

8. Manage Meeting Agenda

Agenda item management means the ability to move from one topic to another, create action items regarding the exact topic and track the difference between allocated and spent time.

9. Features "Postpone"

Postpone is a great feature if the person who’s responsible for the exact agenda item isn’t ready to present and you need to move his/her topic to a later time.

Or there’s no chance of completing the planned agenda item in time. In summary, you’ll see the postponed topic as to include in the next meeting’s agenda.

10. Automatically generated meeting minutes

End the meeting and immediately send out the summary (or don’t) with just 2 clicks!

This is a crucial feature for everyone who spends plenty of time creating follow-up emails or managing meeting minutes and protocols.

10. Export Your to-dos To Your Task Manager

And, finally, export assigned action items to your Outlook Tasks or Microsoft To-Do account so that you don’t forget about any of those important tasks. 

No more sticky notes, notebooks or online sheets – plan your day, manage tasks properly, and boost productivity like never before!

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