Eliminate no-shows on your meetings!

Your personal RSVP tracking assistant

Automatically track meeting attendance, alert about no-responses and send out nudges to invited

Simple but effective

How does it work?

Step 1

Be informed

Automatically receive RSVP status before the meeting – attendees who Confirmed, Declined, No-Reponse etc.

Step 2

Get your team together

With a single click, send out a friendly nudge to invitees who have not responded yet.

Step 3

Run a meeting

Enjoy your productive meeting with all required attendees present!

Track meeting attendance from calendar

Install for team!

To enable Attend for your team or company, just use the domain install option on Google or Microsoft add-in store. 

Never miss a meeting attendee

What's the catch?

Easy to use, smart to choose

Your daily coffee costs more than Meetinch Attend

We don’t divide our users into basic, pro, or advanced.
You take the tool and get the best of it.

Monthly subscription

No commitment, pay monthly
1 Monthly
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Choose notification time
  • Ping unresponsive required participants

Yearly subscription

Save money fof a coffee
10 Yearly
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Choose notification time
  • Ping unresponsive required participants

Enable RSVP tracking in the whole team

More Attend, less spend

Reduce costs for your organization that brings poorly attended and wasteful meetings.

Enter your e-mail to learn more about upgrading your whole team with meeting attendance tracker Attend.

Pay attention before you go further

Install & Activate

the plugin for your Google Calendar and receive RSVP summary before your next meeting.

plugin installation steps