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Meetinch is a meeting management software that helps to improve meeting’s culture inside an organization, raise productivity at work and increase business efficiency.

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How Does it work?

Meetinch is an easy to use digital application for organization’s face-to-face or remote meeting management. It integrates as a plugin in the user’s Microsoft 365 profile and turns every messy meeting calendar into a properly structured and effective workspace.

01 step
Add Meetinch plugin to your MS Outlook account.​
02 step
Create your first meeting request.
03 step
Use Meetinch app for daily meeting management

Key features

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly

Meetinch Meeting Workspace

Meeting workspace

Meetinch app arranges all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, along with tasks and made decisions

Meetinch External Meetings

Manage external meetings

Use Meetinch in your external meetings and add meeting participants outside your organization, so you can work collaboratively, centrally share your meeting minutes and track progress

Meetinch Agenda

Create agenda

Start with a clear meeting request, including the objective, discussable topics, responsible persons and proposed length of each agenda item

Track time

Total time of the meeting and each agenda item helps to keep your discussion info frames

Manage meeting minutes

Storing meeting minutes centrally and automatically send out a follow-up email helps to collaborate with your team and track progress more effectively

What’s the catch?

Let’s add some numbers – calculate the the real benefit from Meetinch within your company

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