First Time as a Meeting Organizer. What to Do?

The “first times” are always something special, especially when organizing your very first meeting on the project. How to kick off? Here are our tips:

#1 Break The Ice

It’s always a good idea to start your meeting with a witty joke or a phrase – if everyone’s smiling (either in the meeting or virtually), you’re winning them over. But be careful – it’s a fine line between good or poor joke.

#2 Make a Clear Agenda

67% of people say that clear agenda, objective and time frame makes a meeting great! Remember, it’s always a pleasure to be in a ship when it’s captain clearly knows the direction

#3 Be Polite and Respectful

Nothing makes the meeting more annoying than attendees interrupting each other, texting in the middle of the meeting, leaving early or being late. Be polite, respect ideas from others and calm them down if you start to feel water boiling.

#4 Stay On Track

You have an agenda and planned time for each discussion item. Always remember to track time, do not slip away from your meeting goals and avoid deviation from topics. You’ll become the boss of productive meetings!

#5 Be Flexible

Life is life, na na na na na – things do not always go as expected. If you feel your imaginary meeting scenario starts to fade away – be creative, flexible and adapt to change. The only constant in life is change.

#6 Share Updates, Summary and Positive Thoughts

Made decisions, created tasks, updated files – share them with your teammates in a follow-up e-mail or in another form as quickly as possible. You can also ask for feedback – it’s always a nice idea to listen to others!

Good luck with your first meeting

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