Make it Big – 5 Tips for Productive Meetings

Make It Big - 5 Tips for Productive Meetings Featured Image

We’re all at the same “club” – annoyed with long, chaotic and unproductive meetings, right?

Here are some great tips for you, so that next time when you’re planning a meeting it’s marvelous!

#1 Understand the Purpose of Your Meeting

Before you send meeting’s invitation to colleagues, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I planning this meeting?
  • What do I want to achieve during this meeting?
  • How will I do that?

And also this one: “Maybe this meeting could be an e-mail?”

#2 Create Agenda and Invite Attendees

Agenda is the most important part of productive meeting. It should include:

  • Clearly defined topics (these could be also in form of question);
  • Small description of each topic to introduce your audience;
  • Exact time for each topic;
  • Responsible persons for each topic;
  • Files or to-do’s from previous meetings

#3 Stick to Planned Topics and Time limit

How many times have you noticed deviation from the topic during meetings? “A lot,” you’re probably thinking… So here’s what you can do:

  • When creating agenda, schedule time for every topic;
  • Stick to your timeframe and track remaining minutes during the meeting;
  • Be brave enough to interrupt attendee if you feel “the smell of deviation” in the air.

Don’t let this crash your productivity!

#4 Assign Action Items to Attendees

If during the meeting you decide about certain tasks, that must be done till [deadline], you should always assign the responsible person for it. We all know – We all know – if it’s a task for everyone, mostly it’s a task for nobody…

#5 Share Meeting Notes and Decisions with Others in Follow-up Email

The power of sharing is essential not only if we’re speaking about love, but also about team meetings. Always share meeting minutes, notes, decisions, files or summary with attendees. If necessary – even outside of your organization.

Everyone will have up-to-date information, so there’s no need to spend your precious time on repeating things you’ve already talked about. Easy as that!

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