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Meetinch is a collaboration tool for effective meeting management that helps to plan, run, track, and schedule team meetings in the most productive way.

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Before you create the idea of Meetinch...

No, Meetinch is not the same as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any other video conferencing app.

Meetinch is the right tool to improve the structure, fluency, and efficiency of team meetings as well as your personal skills as a meeting organizer. 

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An efficient meeting starts with a plan

#1 Start with a clear meeting agenda

Use Meetinch to create meeting agenda: set objective, determine agenda items, divide responsibilities between attendees.

Meetinch automatically creates a clear meeting request providing comprehension for the attendees what is the meeting plan and what is expected from them, as well as a structure to follow during the meeting.

Create meeting minutes collaboratively

#2 Collaborate during the meeting

Assign to-dos to the attendees, record made decisions, vote for the proposals, write personal meeting notes, track time, and avoid deviation from the meeting agenda – all these and more useful features in a collaborative meeting workspace!

The shared meeting workspace is located in the Meetinch Web App, so it doesn’t require any app downloads or extra effort – just sign in once and you’re always in control of your calendar and meetings.

meetinch characters writing meeting minutes together
meetinch characters sharing meeting notes

Automate your meeting routines

#3 Access, track, share meeting results

Automatically receive the meeting summary in your email – it’s easy to download the meeting minutes template as an editable .docx file if needed and export the assigned tasks for each participant individually.

Meetinch Web App centrally stores all historical meeting minutes and workspaces, allowing to simply navigate through and find needed information from meetings really smoothly.

Besides, Meetinch is an irreplaceable tool to track progress and adjust agendas for recurring meetings.

Key features for Effective meetings

Meetinch Agenda icon

Meeting agenda

Start with a clear meeting request, including the objective, discussable topics, responsible persons and proposed length of each agenda item

Meetinch Meeting Workspace

Collaborative workspace

Meetinch app arranges all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, along with tasks and made decisions

Meetinch Manage meeting minutes icon

Manage meeting minutes

Storing meeting minutes centrally and automatically send out a follow-up email helps to collaborate with your team and track progress more effectively

Recurring meeting icon

Schedule recurring meetings

Easy navigate through past meeting minutes, track previous results and adapt future agendas accordingly

Track time

Total time of the meeting and each agenda item helps to keep your discussion info frames

Meetinch External Meetings

Manage external meetings

Use Meetinch in your external meetings and add meeting participants outside your organization, so you can work collaboratively, centrally share your meeting minutes and track progress

What's the ROI of your meetings?

Did you know that your organization actually loses a lot of money (and focus time!) because of unproductive meetings?

Use the meeting ROI calculator to see how much ineffective meetings cost for your company.

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